Bambito Estate Caturra/Catuai

$25.00 USD

FLAVOURS: Red Apple, Chocolate, Plum
ORIGIN:   Chiriqui, Panama
VARIETY:  Caturra, Catuai
PROCESS:  Washed

Bambito Estate has produced coffee for five generations, and currently the farm is run by Priscilla Gonzalez. Priscillas hard work is really evident cup quality: Bambito got 1st place at the Best of Panama for their washed gesha, which is a very high honour as this competition is very prestigious, not only in Panama, but across the world. Their attention to detail in their washed coffees also shows in each of the varieties that they produce on the farm. They are constantly working on ways to improve their quality and it it evident year after year when we taste their coffees. They not only care for their land, but they also care for the people that work with them on the farm. They provide daily breakfast before school for the children whose parents work at Bambito, as well as continued education during the summer for kids of all grades while their parents are at work on the farm. Their care for their community, for their land, their coffee all the way to the people who buy and drink their coffee is evident in everything that they do and we are so glad to have their coffee as part of our line up.