The goal of our wholesale program is to become your most valued relationship.

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We are a team of coffee people passionate about discovering how we can serve you and your customers better. With our own cafes, we know it’s hard to manage the day to day parts of your business, much less a world-class coffee program - so let us handle that for you. Have an important community initiative? Ideas about a unique marketing campaign? Want to try a new experimental espresso for a special occasion? We want to know that too. A Monogram Family partnership is more than just amazing coffee.

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Looking to take your cafe’s coffee program to the next level? Thought of quitting your job to open your dream cafe? Tired of serving terrible coffee with dessert at your restaurant? We are the roaster partner for you. We are looking for people who are passionate about growing the coffee communities in their cafes, neighbourhoods, offices and restaurants. From boutique pop-up cafes, to bustling urban coffee bars and corner brunch spots, let us learn how we can serve you.

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Being a part of the Monogram Family means you have access to our full suite of extensive coffee education curriculum. Having a well-equipped team of coffee professionals is just as important as the coffee. We offer free barista training to all of our wholesale partnerships all year round. Representing Canada at the World Barista Championships 5 times has hopefully taught us a thing or two…

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Our coffee menu changes throughout the year to reflect the seasonality of our producer relationships. However, no matter the time of year, we have built a coffee menu that is robust and diverse enough to be proudly featured in some of the world’s best cafes. Looking for an approachable, sweet and classic coffee that you can depend on for everyday espresso and filter? Look for the Warmth Line. Looking for a carbonic maceration natural Ethiopian? We have that too. Your coffee menu should inspire wonder and warmth, and we can help you with that.