$30.00 USD

FLAVOURS: Plum, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry
ORIGIN:   Caranavi, Bolivia
VARIETY:  Red Caturra
PROCESS:  Coco Natural

Alasitas is named after one of La Paz’s largest festivals honoring Ekeko, the Aymara god of abundance. Alasitas festival has a long history dating back to pre-Colombian times, when the ancient Tiwanaku people used to pray for bountiful harvests and exchange gifts in return for good luck. Festivals are an important part of Bolivian culture, and with reciprocity, abundance and good fortune at the heart of the Alasitas festival, it was a name suited for the largest of the 12 farms owned by the Rodriguez family.

Agricafe started in 2012  as response to the sharply declining rates of coffee production in the area and to demonstrate to local farmers what can be achieved with modern farming techniques and a scientific approach. This farm is located in a lush mountain valley, located about 10km outside the town of Caranavi. Sitting at approximately 1,600 MASL with stable night time temperatures and mild temperatures during the day, provides the cherry on this farm with the perfect atmosphere for slower cherry maturation. The slow maturation leads to an increased concentration of sugars in the fruit, which ultimately means a sweeter cup of coffee.

The Agricafe team has dedicated a lot of time and effort into innovation, excellence, honesty and transparency on their farms, producing top quality Bolivian coffee for many years. The Rodriguez family produces beautiful and delicious coffees and we are so happy to have them in our collection.