*Pre-Order* El Vergel Koji **Next roast on Thursday May 30th, 2022**

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: All orders including Takesi Gesha purchased until May 29 will be shipped on May 30, once the coffee is roasted. We will not be shipping partial orders due to shipping costs. Regular shipping policy applies and free shipping will be offered for all orders over $40 in Canada and $50 in the US. Enjoy!


This coffee is the result of a global collaboration. Kaapo Paavolainen the Finnish barista champion reached out to Christopher Feran in order to collaborate on a processing method that is new for coffee: Koji Processing. Koji is common in East Asia for making sochu and sake. It is unique from other organisms commonly used to process coffee because of its ability to break starches down into more simple sugars. This unlocks additional food for fermentation and respiration. Christopher helped Kaapo design the protocol and then from there they partnered with the Bayter family at Finca El Vergel. The Bayter’s are constantly working on new processes and trying to unlock the best from the many varieties they work with. For more on this process and the project, check out Christopher’s blog
We think it is a really special coffee. Not only for its unique and incredible taste profile, but because it is the result of three coffee experts’ hard work and collaboration. This coffee is a blend of the Koji Java and Gesha.
We purchased both and upon tasting it, determined that both coffees benefited from the other. The java lends big fruit notes to the cup and the gesha adds complexity and citrus. We can’t wait to taste more varieties from this process and see how the Bayter’s hone the process and deseminate it to other producers.
Christopher's blog: