Luis Choquehuanca

$24.00 USD

ORIGIN: Caranavi, Bolivia
PROCESS: Anaerobic
FLAVOURS: White Plum, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Raw Sugar

This is another delicious and impressive coffee brought to us by Luis Choqueuanca. We are constantly impressed by his commitment to the quality of the coffee he produces.

This particular coffee is processed anaerobically, which means it has been fermented with the presence of oxygen. This extra step in processing adds a layer of vibrancy and complexity.

Luis Choqueuanca is another one of the farmers who are part of Agricafe’s Sol De La Mañana program. Luis is a friendly, soft spoken man, married with two kids. His farm located in a remote, mountainous area a couple hours drive from Caranavi, through winding roads and steep climbs.

The Sol de La Mañana program was created as a way to educate and train local producers with the skills necessary to improve the quality of their farms. It is a strict program that requires a lot of commitment by the producers. However, by doing so, these farmers are able to produce higher quality coffees with more yield providing them with better prices for their crops allowing them to provide a better life for their families.