$28.00 USD

FLAVOURS: Red Plum, Candied Lemon, Black Tea
ORIGIN:   Gidami, Ethiopia
VARIETY:  Landrace
PROCESS:  Natural, Swiss Water Natural Decaffination

This coffee comes from Swiss Water’s “Small Batch Series”, and is a program of limited offerings that features hyper-seasonal, highly traceable, and really tasty coffees.

Asikana, meaning “We Start From Here”, is a cooperative made up of more than 100 small producers ( “outgrowers”) in the Aira region of Ethiopia and outlying areas. Founded in 2008, the cooperative has focused on coffee quality and improvement for its growing slate ofproducing members—however, environmental stewardship and sustainability are also key aspects of the group’s focus.

Until just before the pandemic, Asikana—founded by Bodja Gelalcha and operated by his family and a small staff—had operated primarily as a domestic operation. A partnership with San Cristobal importers, who until then had focused coffee production in Mexico, led to quality improvements and attention from a global market. San Cristobal’s work within Ethiopia has allowed for extreme traceability of its coffee exports, a desirable aspect for both purchasers and growers—the latter of whom can reap benefits of seeing improved prices fairly paid for their hard work.